Last Fan Standing

Last Fan Standing   Community Channel


Fact ent format Last Fan Standing, takes 4 individuals with extreme hobbies and wacky passions and follows them as they spend 1 high intensity day with each other immersing themselves in each other’s pastimes. During the course of the day we find out just why each of our fans are so obsessive and get an insight into the different elements of their hobbies that make them tick and give them a buzz. With each of our selected contributors having very different passions the day spent experiencing each other’s lifestyles is sure to provide moments of comedy, drama and a fair dose of awkwardness.

How will an 18 stone bodybuilder react to applying eyeliner to a catwalk model? What will a UFO enthusiast think of writing his very own rap song? And how much will a Prince William lookalike enjoy learning a complex Bollywood dance routine? These are just some of the weird and wonderful juxtapositions that occur when our groups try their hands at ‘speed hobbying’ in a bid to leave the show with the coveted winners trophy.