£1000 Trainer Challenge



Could you convert a pair of trainers into £1000 in just one month? Streetwear vlogger Kofi takes up the challenge, lifting the lid on the underground streetwear trading scene.

Trainers, kicks, sneakers, creps, whatever you know them as, it is undeniable that footwear and street fashion is big business. From the clamour for the release of new Palace or Supreme drops, to the hysteria that grips the streetwear community when a new pair of Kanye West designed Yeezys come out, the power and pull of exclusive or limited edition footwear is unrivalled in the fashion world.

Streetwear vlogger Kofi (aka The Unknown Blasian) delves into this thriving industry where overnight queues are the norm and the desire to either have something first and exclusive is the Holy Grail.

The mission for Kofi is simple; start with a pair of trainers from Charlie Sloth’s mammoth collection and flip them as many times as possible to achieve the greatest amount of cash at the end of a 30 day period.