Disabled Fight Club

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Jack, Sam, Claude, Nemo, Matt and Gina; 6 fighters who have very different fighting ambitions but who all share the burning desire to compete, fight and win. They wake up early, train hard and toil through the blood, sweat and tears in the hopes of their big break. This grueling routine sounds fairly run of the mill and would apply to most aspiring fighter – except that all 6 are disabled. Disabled Fight Club is a groundbreaking portrait of disability in combat sports both for the UK and internationally as our protagonists venture into uncharted territory trying to establish new ways of competing and attempting to create never before seen combat sports.

All 6 fighters are living with different disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy to Dystonia (a disease characterized by painful involuntary muscle spasms) but share a common ground through their individual desire to compete and test themselves in the often brutal worlds of combat.

Disabled Fight Club is a visceral, no holds barred online series that gives an insight into a ground breaking new fighting community and shows the world that disabled people are not to be f*cked with.