Sending Money Home   BBC1


Three in four migrant workers in the UK save money to be able to send something home each month. The World Bank estimates that £366bn in remittances are sent globally each year, of which £273bn will go to developing countries. Britain’s migrants are not only amongst the hardest working but also the most generous in our society – sending a significant portion of their income home each month to support close family, extended family and even whole local communities.

In this short series for the One Show we meet the individuals who donate a substantial portion of their monthly wage to upkeep and maintenance in their homelands by working a variety of jobs. We focus on 2 UK based contributors of different ethnic origins and film them in work and home environments leading up to payday to show both the human and monetary situations that facilitate these money transfers. We then travel to the money transfer center in our contributors homelands to show the direct impact and help of the remittances and see just how far the money stretches. Our cameras follow the people who are receiving the money as they collect the transfer and highlight the direct way in which they benefit and are supported.