Young, Black and Trans   BBC1


Young, Black and Trans is a film about the black transgender community in the UK told from the authored perspective of outspoken black trans activist Munroe Bergdorf. Until she was 18 Munroe Bergdorf was a boy called Ian, now she is a 27-year-old Soho DJ, fashion designer, aspiring model and a transitioning transgender woman who is dedicated to championing trans rights.

Having lived life as a self confessed outcast growing up in Stansted Abbotts, rural Hertfordshire; she now lives and works in London where she is able to embrace her identity and live her life without the restrictions of her childhood. Since making the move not only geographically but also in terms of her sexuality, Munroe has become a prominent voice and a beacon of hope for the black trans community. Through her campaigning and journalism Munroe is hoping to demystify the trans label and provide a platform for the experiences of other black trans women and men in the UK.

In the film we are introduced to close friends within her social circle who are also young, trans adults at different stages of their journeys with different viewpoints and perspectives of the trans experience. We gain unique insights into the reality of being out and trans in modern Britain, as Munroe and her friends discuss issues of family acceptance and liberation through to the fear that trans people can often experience for simply being themselves.