Give Us a Lift

Give Us a Lift   BBC1


The Alma Road estate, in the London borough of Enfield, has a population of thousands across its 4 tower blocks and is known for the distinctive bright colours of each. In our film we offer an innovative and eye opening way into life on the housing estate by rigging one of the main lifts with cameras and talking to the residents. Our film will rig the lift over the course of one Saturday and will give residents the chance to share their stories and experiences of life on the estate. Through the use of the fixed rig cameras in the lift and additional interviews we will focus on the stories and contrasting experiences of the lift users that are largely untold. The film touches on the different experiences of the residents, from the everyday tales of coming back from a night shift to the poignant stories of people debating their future on the estate with a regeneration project in the works. The film will follow residents from their entry to exit from the lift, punctuated by their stories and recollections as they ascend or descend.