The Things I See

The Things I See   BBC1


Understanding the true reality of mental illness and dysmorphic delusions is something that is very hard to comprehend if you haven’t experienced these conditions first hand. In The Things I See, 3 young people with mental health conditions share their stories in the hopes of offering viewers an uncompromising insight into what life is really like living with these visual manifestations.

This film mixes factual story telling, reconstruction and dramatization to focus on the real life experiences of the young people with supporting interviews. From recreating the first signs of the disorders, through to the traumatic everyday reality of their conditions, we allow viewers to uniquely experience these states from the POV of the contributor in a heavily stylized account of their delusions.

Each contributor shares memories of the most poignant, distressing or surreal experience they have had as they are displayed on screen in dramatized reenactments. The Things I See is a journey of emotive innovation that offers a pioneering insight into the taboo of mental illness.