The People’s CCTV

The People’s CCTV   BBC1


In The People’s CCTV, we meet the people who are documenting the tensions between police and ethnic communities in the UK and in the process becoming accidental journalists with important viral videos.

Kyle Adair-Whyte recently shared a video online that showed him being stopped and searched and subsequently detained by a police officer. We meet Kyle at the location of the stop and find out about the dozens of times he has been stopped along and importantly the impact that this type of encounter has. We are also introduced to Justin from stop and search monitors StopWatch, to discuss recent findings that show Black people in London to be almost three times more likely to be subject to stop and search and find out how they are developing technology to record these encounters safely.

Our penultimate stop is to Scotland Yard to find out what the police think about the use of stop and search and the disproportionate figures, before rejoining Kyle who has some positive news. Whilst the topic of police and ethnic minority tension is controversial and uncomfortable, but as these videos suggest, creating a debate around it, is far healthier than pretending it doesn’t exist.