You Name It

You Name It   BBC1

We all have names, if your name is Amelia and Oliver you officially share the most popular names of 2016 and if your name is Gary then you may be one of the last as the name is predicted to become extinct by 2050. With celebrity baby names becoming the topics of conversation and expectant parents spending months deliberating over potential names, it makes sense that bespoke baby naming has become a ‘thing’.

Our film looks at the increasing number of savvy entrepreneurs who are catering to a mass of people who are stumped for a name or want an exclusive baby name that no other child will have. We travel to Gloucestershire to meet 16-year-old Beau Jessup (pictured), who has made £48,000 from a website designed to give Chinese babies English names. Jess talks us through her recently purchased list (60p a pop) and we also get to see the A-level student in action on her new Skype consultation service where she helps with pronounciations.

While Jess’s ‘Special Name’ site is incredibly cheap to access there are other players in the baby naming industry such as Erflogswelle who create one of a kind baby names for £32,000. We talk with director Marc Hauser who allows us to meet with his team of 12 name specialists as they explain the process of forming unique sounds and combinations.